Friday, June 03, 2005

Come fly with me...

sketch Posted by Hello

This is the sketch I used to make a metal thread work fly. Recognise blue bottle? Here comes his big brother.

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Gina E. said...

Hi Kay Susan,
I have just discovered your gorgeous blog and have been drooling over your exquisite work! Oh, to be so creative...I am not at all creative; I am just happy to follow the directions provided in a kit or on a chart. But that's fine, I am not complaining - just stating a fact! The photos of your work room had my tongue hanging out in envy! We have a four bedroom house for the two of us (no kids) and one room is allocated to me for my stitching stash etc. I am not usually a messy person, but this room is far too small for all the gear I have, so it is perennially untidy, and there is no way I would photograph it to put on my blog! I loved the way your stitching is all over the walls. My room has one wall of cupboards, one wall of floor to ceiling windows and two small walls at either end, one of which has the most HIDEOUS wallpaper, on which nothing can be displayed:(
So most of my framed stitchings are piled up in a cupboard. They used to be on a wall in our lounge room, but hubby decided to replace them with his movie posters - bleah!!! @#%***