Monday, June 13, 2005

Designing from a source - carpets

During the City & Guilds course I did quite a lot of design work based on carpet patterns. I am still using material from the sketchbook I made during the course. I still hadn't finished with the carpets when it was time to move on to another subject and I have recently picked up where I left off. I found this happened all the way through the course, either I hadn't thoroughly explored a design source or I hadn't got all the mileage I could from a particular technique. It was very frustrating.

Here are some pages from the sketchbook.


ginger said...

these are so distictive of the c&g course..such great work at understanding design principles..there is a friend of mine taking the course here and I have admired and lusted....someday I will participate...I love the little bag it the green on one side and the brown on the other? or two separate bags ? Ginger

ginger said...

of course I meant distinctive..why can I not see the typos till I have posted???

kay susan said...

Hi Ginger,

Its one bag. After doing C & G I just can't bear having lots of samples hanging around (you make shed loads!) so I always try to make something, anything out of my experiments!