Wednesday, June 01, 2005

nightshirt. Posted by Hello

The nightshirt hanging on the cupboard door is for Joe, my 4 year old grandson. His sister Maisie (5) wanted nightdresses 'like the one Wendy wears in Peter Pan', so I had a shot at heirloom sewing and made two for her birthday. Joe was upset that he hadn't got one and he wheedled and pleaded to be allowed to wear the other one when Maisie got ready for bed. When it looked as though Maisie might give in, his Dad stepped in and strictly forbade it. Joe refused to wear his pjs and went to bed in father's vest, so I made him this nightshirt in Manly Madras!

My attempt at heirloom sewing wasn't really very good, although Maisie didn't mind. But, having started, I now have to learn to do the thing properly, so I have bought a book - Fine Machine Sewing, Carol Laflin Ahles, Taunton Press. Its brilliant! There is a review of it on the website.

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naturallynice said...

That's so sweet! My grandma used to sew and crochet things for us. You made me walk down memory lane now..