Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Wax lyrical (WIP carpet pattern)

waxed paper sample. Click on photo for bigger image. Posted by Hello

This is an interpretation of the carpet pattern. Its a layer of tissue paper ironed onto vilene interfacing. The shapes are tissue paper too, bonded with Bondaweb (wonder under) and then outlined or emphasised with straight stitch on the sewing machine.

Then the whole lot was rubbed over with an ordinary household candle, followed by some coloured glitter wax crayons and finally ironed under a sheet of silicone paper. Once the wax is heated, everything becomes translucent. The dotty effect you can see is the glue on the iron-on interfacing showing through!

I have decided to keep all my new carpet pattern samples etc. in a folder using this paper for the cover. Now I don't HAVE to do it any more, I've decided I don't mind keeping a FEW samples, just for inspiration and to remind me how I did things.

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