Friday, July 22, 2005

Pink Lemonade - Tie One On

Here's my interpretation of 'pink lemonade' for Tie One On. This is the original sketch. It is Ruby and Em, all shopped out and enjoying a good natter over a glass of pink lemonade! (the lemonade isn't in the sketch because it will be an applique).

Here's a full length view of the apron. It is cut from one piece of canvas. I simplified and traced the original design and transferred it to the fabric using an iron on transfer pencil. It is painted with watercolour dyes and iron fixed. The outlining is stem stitch using stranded cottons. The fruit slices and the glass of lemonade are appliques cut out of those ever useful washing up cloths. I thought it looked too plain, so I added some bias binding stripes at the bottom. The ties are just plain old cotton tape.

This is a close up view.

(click on photos for bigger image)


Pam Kellogg said...

Kay Susan, your apron is just so cool looking! It's beautiful and so clever. I have really enjoyed following the Pink Lemonade Apron Challenge.


isay said...

it is so beautiful-i think your design can become a hit in the market!

naturallynice said...

How great is your work! Lots of details, you surely love what you are doing!


Conni said...

WOW! The apron turned out great! What a creative and beautifully executed interpretation of the theme!

Chloe said...

Fascinating - yet another brilliant apron - I am loving how they are being rediscovered as a canvas for a modern woman.

And I like the cotton on tape and stripes, too.

Gina E. said...

What a vivid imagination! I am constantly amazed at the creativity of people I find in the world of Blogging. Kay Susan, in my humble opinion, I reckon you have won first prize in the Pink Lemonade challenge with this apron!

naturallynice said...

Kay Susan, you are an inspiration!