Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hi Honey!

I've just waved the children and their Mum off on their way back home, so once I have got all my stuff out again, hopefully I can make some more progress on the bee!

I now have what is clearly a very dead frog partially submerged in water with its head resting on a pile of leaves in a tray on the back steps and a nicely handwritten list of instructions, including putting it in the shade, pouring water over it every hour and getting flies from the spiders' webs in the runner beans for it to eat. Apparently, some sign of life was seen when it was poked! The big question is - does it have a miraculous recovery and joyfully hop away - or does it have a quiet and dignified demise from frog flu?

I wasn't allowed to whack it under the scanner for future reference!

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