Friday, January 08, 2010

New home for the TASTy bits

Do you remember the TAST challenge back in 2007? Well, SharonB is going to run another, starting in March this year. It's one challenge I can't resist. I really enjoyed the 'old' TAST. Although I didn't complete every single stitch it kept my hand in, regardless of whatever else I was concentrating on. I've decided to keep the two challenges together on one blog here, for easy reference, so I've moved my previous 'TAST' posts across.

What is TAST? Take a Stitch Tuesday, see here for the flickr group:

and here for the list of stitches from the 2007 challenge.

The 2007 TAST challenge lives on............people have picked it up and are continuing to post photos to the flickr group, so if you haven't been there for a while, take a look!

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