Friday, November 05, 2010

Textile Studio Exhibition

I've just been to a really nice exhibition by the Textile Studio at the
Greenstede Gallery in East Grinstead, West Sussex.

This group have been going for 40 years. To celebrate they decided that each current member would make a piece with 40 as the theme. The pieces are very varied but each is plainly mounted on a board, all the same height and they make a really nice display showing a wide variety of styles and techniques. In addition, there are many more very impressive examples of members' work.

I asked if this group have a web presence and was told that they do not. I think that's a pity. I "lifted" this description from an exhibition leaflet:

The Textile Studio was formed in 1970 for advanced embroidery students and those interested in developing their textile and designing skills by meeting with like-minded people. It has since gained a well-deserved reputation through successful exhibitions of creative work, using fabrics, threads and other materials to push forward beyond the traditional boundaries. During the life of the group, many well-known textile artists have been members.

Members enjoy working together to exchange ideas and knowledge. Their wide range of skills includes embroidery, felt making, silk painting, patchwork and quilting, mixed media, beadwork, three-dimensional work and dyeing.

The group aims to be experimental – exploring fabrics, threads and other media in an innovative way. Textiles are produced in a variety of forms including wall hangings, soft furnishings, quilts, clothing and accessories, soft sculpture and jewellery.

Well worth a visit if you are in the area, and there are 3 more textile-related exhibitions at the Greenstede Gallery coming up over the next two months.

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