Monday, January 09, 2012

A challenging time

Feeling a bit stale after Christmas. The weather doesn't help. Cold and grey, short days and long nights. Britain at it's best!

To try and pep things up a bit, I've signed on for a couple of challenges.
First of all, Sharon B's Take a Stitch Tuesday to keep up the embroidery, it sometimes get neglected in favour of the doll-making.

Secondly, to keep the little grey cells active, I've also signed up for
Tag Tuesday. Each week there is a new theme or word to use to design an art tag.

This week's word is SNOW.

Here is my effort:
(Click on photo for bigger image)

Very simple. Drawn in coloured pencil and pen on paper then bonded to felt and machined around the edges. I'm planning to use these designs next Christmas in applique or fabric painting.

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