Wednesday, May 01, 2013


I need to make some more "wise ones, witches and wizards" ready for the Lammas Fair in July, so I got busy in the workshop. I got the embellisher, fondly known in this house as the "Mangler" out
to make some fabric.

(Click on photo for bigger image)
Blue for a witch or a wizard. A piece of ecofelt, some silk scraps and wisps of wool tops (roving).  Sometimes it's difficult to decide which side to use, the top or the back. Why the machine stitching? Well, when you needle felt a fabric like this you destroy some of the fibres. The machine stitching helps to stop the fabric stretching and gives it back a bit of "body".


Marie Costa said...

How intriguing! Looks gorgeous with all that texture.

margaret said...

this is a great piece of fabric, thanks for the bit about doing some machine stitching to strengthen the fabric