Thursday, August 20, 2015

Showing off the stitches

I may have mentioned that I took part in Artists' Open Houses during the Eastbourne Festival this year. It wasn't a great success and I doubt I will do it again, but that's another story. Anyway, having described myself as a "Doll-making Embroiderer", I produced this strange little figure to show the kind of embroidery I put on some of my dolls.

This is the front view:

Here's a close-up:

What have we got here? Down the middle is my favourite interlaced raised chain band, with elongated tie stitches. This stitch reminds me of the frog fasteners on vintage military coats, and the embroidery on some Native Amercian clothing I saw in the museum in Bar Harbour. A couple of rows of laced herringbone on either side. Around the "arms" is another of my favourites, trellis stitch on a buttonhole foundation.

This is the back view:

I was more pleased with this, than the front. Another close-up:

Very simple, cretan and running stitch.

and here, cretan, herringbone and buttonhole.

Now I just have to decide what she/it is!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Using up the leftovers.

I love fabric and I hate to waste it, so every so often I go through my box of "bits" and make up a few of these little things ready for embellishing. These are made from offcuts left over from doll making. Sometimes I will just pick a couple out, take myself of into a corner and sit and stitch quietly, embroidering with stranded cotton, in a world of my own. For me, it's as good as meditation or a sound bath.

Sunday, April 05, 2015


Our Creative Co-op group decided to swap Artists' Trading Cards. We meet once a month - attendance varies!

I thought mine should reflect what I mostly do, so decided to make coloured pencil drawings of some of my embroidered dolls. I concentrated on the faces because people always ask me if I draw them myself or ask me where I buy them!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Apologies to Bea Dollmayer

Bea, you asked about a stitch. I'm so sorry. I haven't been watching my blog lately.
It's just simple buttonhole stitch over a thread.

For the piece you asked about, I tacked down the first thread before I started to stitch over it, and then just carried on working in rounds, gradually building it up, without taking the needle through the backing fabric.

I used it on this box too, but I here took the needle into the fabric with each buttonhole stitch.

Sampling stitches

This summer for the first time I am taking part in Artists' Open Studios as part of the Eastbourne Festival. Mostly I will be displaying my art dolls, as there will also be another textile artist at the same venue. But I am also an embroiderer so I want to have at least one heavily stitched piece on show. I've had a piece of hand dyed fabric floating around for ages, wondering what on earth to do with it. Not one of my best efforts! I used this piece of cotton "drip cloth" to sample a few ideas before I get started on it. This piece is 8 inches square and mounted on a box canvas. The final piece of work will be 36 x 12 inches, an art quilt, mounted on a stretcher. I plan to make an impression!