Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Using up samples 1

What to do with some of the bits and pieces of samples that accumulate and you can't bring yourself to throw out. Make one into a little gift bag, of course:

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This has a bit of an "indian influence"

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A small piece of machine quilted fabric machine appliques to a larger piece of silk and bordered with trellis stitch on a buttonhole foundation. Further embellishment with straight stitch, french knots and beads.

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Back and front sections cut out, backed with felt and machined together with zigzag stitch, simultaneously attaching matching machine wrapped cord. Edges finished with trellis stitch on a buttonhole foundation in cotton perle thread. Measures around 7 x5 inches.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Catching up with the WIPs

I've cancelled all my committments to attend craft fairs with the Creative Co-op until after Christmas because I'm on a hospital waiting list for later this year. In the meantime, without the pressure of stocking a table, I can play around in the workshop when I am able to. Currently I'm catching up on some WIPs.

Starting with this:

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I backed the piece with thick cotton curtain interlining and added some running stitch for texture.

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Here I have machine stitched the piece to some natural linen, the original fabric that I hand dyed. I've fringed it back to the stitching line. Now I just have to decide how to finish it off.

The inspiration for this piece came partly from a fabric postcard internet challenge, 6 x 4 lives, started by Sharon Boggon. At the same time, Jo in New Zealand was getting us all fired up over paisley designs. I was following an internet course, Develop A Personal Library of Stitches (no longer available), also by Sharon Boggon and many of the stitches got incorporated in this piece, Paisley Postcards.

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Same old song

I think this is about finished...........

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...although I'm not entirely sure about the pink in the border. I'm keeping it pinned up above the sewing machine in the workroom for now, while I think about it.