Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's the same old song......

It's been a year, it's time I finished this one off:

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Stitched to blue ecofelt. Layered onto pink ecofelt, wadding and muslin. Raw edges covered with trellis stitch on a buttonhole foundation. Further embellished with buttonhole and cretan stitch.

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Next step is to face with calico, with a hanging strip. This is a small quilted piece with many personal memories, so there will be a pocket on the back to hold mementos.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lids and luck

I made a couple of pots a while ago. I made enough "embellisher" fabric for the pots, but not enough for the lids. When I came to make the lids, I couldn't find the last piece of the fabric.

I just found it, while I was looking for something else!

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The sides of the pot are made from sections of cardboard tube that carpet is wrapped around.

I decided to make the lids from unwanted CDs and picture framers' board.

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I've covered the lids, lined them and stitched on the side pieces. Now I'm embroidering them ready for beading.

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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Sketchbook Challenge - May

The theme for May is RESIST. Lots of possible interpretations for that!

I've been RESISTING still life drawing because it is definitely not my forte. I need to be faced with a living thing, whether directly in front of me or a photograph I've taken myself. I have a real problem drawing inanimate objects. Fruit and flowers are fine, because they grow and they have a flavour and a scent and I get a "feeling" from them.

Anyway, I decided to use a glass of wine and try a still life with that as a starting point. But I couldn't RESIST, I have no will-power where a good red is concerned and I drank it. And then I drank another...............and then the last half a glass.

Of course, then I'd had enough wine to be easily distracted and I got interested in the reflection of the bottom of the glass in my spare pair of specs and the reflection of the window blinds on the glass table.

So, after failing to put up any kind of RESISTANCE, here's the empty glass!

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Coloured pencil on white cartridge - A5 size.