Sunday, April 16, 2006

Busy bees

Another box or basket lid. This time featuring bees. Handpainted silk with gutta resist embellished with hand stitching and padded from behind.
The flat bee has freestanding wings made from a sheer organza and net sandwich, the edges burnt in a candle flame.

Here is the close-up:

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The white flowers were cut out of felt, overlaid with crystal organza, then the hand stitching embellishment was added. The excess organza was cut off afterwards.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Moths in the Moonlight

Fabric covered and embroidered box

and basket lid.

The design is based on an exploded circle, moths silhouetted against the moon. The background fabric of the basket lid is the same as the fabric used to cover the box. The base design of both is red, yellow and white felt applique embellished with net and hand stitching, and on the box glass beads. The moths are cut out of black and silver fabric and fused on. Some are outlined with couched gold thread. Both lids are fastened with matching buttons.

Here are the close-ups:

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