Sunday, March 15, 2015

Apologies to Bea Dollmayer

Bea, you asked about a stitch. I'm so sorry. I haven't been watching my blog lately.
It's just simple buttonhole stitch over a thread.

For the piece you asked about, I tacked down the first thread before I started to stitch over it, and then just carried on working in rounds, gradually building it up, without taking the needle through the backing fabric.

I used it on this box too, but I here took the needle into the fabric with each buttonhole stitch.

Sampling stitches

This summer for the first time I am taking part in Artists' Open Studios as part of the Eastbourne Festival. Mostly I will be displaying my art dolls, as there will also be another textile artist at the same venue. But I am also an embroiderer so I want to have at least one heavily stitched piece on show. I've had a piece of hand dyed fabric floating around for ages, wondering what on earth to do with it. Not one of my best efforts! I used this piece of cotton "drip cloth" to sample a few ideas before I get started on it. This piece is 8 inches square and mounted on a box canvas. The final piece of work will be 36 x 12 inches, an art quilt, mounted on a stretcher. I plan to make an impression!