Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Sad Song continues...........

but in more subdued colours now. Still a slow cloth and still using the "TAST 2010" stitches.

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RIP my lovely Jim - 22 June 2010

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Monday, June 07, 2010

Now the piece has a proper name..............

It is to be called "My Sad Song". (Because hope is gone)

We were given the worst possible news last Tuesday and for a few days I didn't even pick up this piece of work. Although my brother is two years younger than me, he's my big brother, he's always been there. Thankfully, I knew before he did. I visited a day earlier and saw the doctor. When he telephoned to tell me after getting his biopsy results, he said "Never mind" - he's still looking after me. I'm so grateful that I was prepared.

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So, all the hope that I stitched into the top left hand corner of this piece is gone. There are other little bits of hope scattered around it too. We have been on such a rollercoaster ride. The treatment my brother received in the first few weeks was callous and incompetent and time after time we were told the worst, then given hope, then had it snatched away again. Now he has a new consultant and his care and treatment have improved immeasurably. So, first has to come acceptance and then later, much later I hope, grief.

(The condition that my brother has is called CUP(cancer of unknown primary). 3-4 percent of cancer sufferers present with this problem. Much work needs to be done by the medical profession on the speed of diagnosis and the way that this disease is presented to patients and their loved ones.)