Monday, March 27, 2006


I forgot to include this when I posted work based on heartsease flowers. It is a folder, with a place for a special photograph inside. It is made of fabric covered board with cutouts for the embroidery, just like making a fabric covered matt, but using one piece of fabric instead of two and adding a long strip between the back and front pieces to make a spine. Then two more 'inside covers' also with cutouts are stitched to the fronts.

Click on photos for bigger images

The embroidery on the front is on white satin polyester dyed with silk dyes, then over printed with transfer paints. It is hand quilted using metallic thread and stranded cottons highlighted with pearl and glass beads and pieces of white net. The centres of the flowers are jewellery fixings. The front and back are stitched to the 'inside covers' using metallic threads and buttonhole stitch over a thin metallic cord. The spine is finished off with handmade beaded tassels and machine wrapped threads, stitched on to so as to cover the join of the metallic cord.


Valeri said...

This is lovely. I do like the colour.

Allison said...

Ultra classy.....

isay said...

so beautiful!

i like those Images of Hertfordshire and most espically the hedge using distressed fabrics. that was great.

i know that one day i'll find time to do this. i am so envious looking at your works.

i hope you are having a nice day.