Sunday, January 28, 2007

Needle punching

I've been playing with the embellisher. First I made these:

I used some rejected bits of painted fabric - I'll never be able to throw anything away again!

Then I made these:

I was pleased with these ones. I think I am beginning to get the hang of it and I'm finding out which fabrics mix together and those that don't. The ground fabric is dyed and boiled blanket that didn't felt as well as I had hoped. I found that silk felts into it beautifully. The spotty stuff on the pink piece is a nappy liner marbled with oil paint. I found that if you want the applied fabric to blend in, you need to needle punch from the back as well. On the top surface you get a very textured look, like heavy FME. On the bottom you get a fluffy, felted look.

I have lots of little bits to practice TAST stitches on now - having to resist the temptation to stitch on them right away.


StegArt said...

These all look like fun...I'm so jealous of all you embellisher owners.

downunderdale said...

i love the layers - the embellisher makes it so easy to build up scrummy layers, doesn't it?
Cheers - Dale

Dianne said...

Thanks for posting your experiments! As it's helping me with mine as well!! Being a pink girl, I love the pink spotty piece.