Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hi! to Elizabeth Dee

Elizabeth put a comment on an old post of mine, asking what I do with all the bits and pieces I make. (I don't know why, but the occasional old post pops up in Bloglines, I think it may be because now I am in the new Blogger I have been putting labels on them all).

I keep some of my favourite pieces in a portfolio Elizabeth, just in case I ever decide to carry on studying or join a 'group'. Other bits that I am not so pleased with, and samples, get chucked into a drawer and eventually get pulled out and made into some kind of a 'thing' or further insulted with paint, iron or heatgun.

I used to have lots of my pieces displayed around the house, but since we moved here, The Boss decided he wanted a cleaner, more modern look about the place and banned my bits and pieces because he said they didn't fit. (Actually, he said he wanted to ditch what he calls my 'early halloween style of decor' for something more respectable!). We have no picture rails in this house and the outcome would be somewhat unpleasant if I went around banging in picture hooks without a request in triplicate! (For those that know them, imagine something like an episode of One Foot in the Grave superimposed on Fawlty Towers and you are almost there!)

The smallest bedroom is mine, and I am supposed to keep all my stuff in there. But, of course, there is a trail of threads and snippets leading along the landing, down the stairs and into the living room - showing the way to my favourite sofa. Every now and again, I have to put all the bits I have got out back in the boxes and take it upstairs again. The Boss says he is living in the Lair of the Lunatic Housewife and it is like being constantly visited by a rampaging playgroup. He also says he likes it that way, because I am almost completely self-entertaining!

I have managed to sneak a few favourite 3D items into a spare glass fronted cupboard in the living room ( because I do like to look at them!) and the delightful Doris holds court on the upstairs landing, frightening the children when they come to stay.

Here's Doris:

and the walls of my room are covered in sketches and design work, just because it PLEASES ME!


Pat said...

What a great piece. "self entertaining"? eh! And I bet you don't need batteries either. Your room is so tidy too!!!

kay susan said...

Hi Pat, the room isn't really that tidy - I was expecting delivery of a new sewing machine and I was so excited I tidied the room up ready for it - it doesn't look like that now!

Dy said...

Doris is delightfully hideous isn't she. When I saw the pentagons around her skirt, I only noticed the ones in front of her knees at first, and I thought they were knee pads because she is a learner broom stick rider! :-)

Love the look of your sewing room!

elizabethdee said...

How lovely of you to indulge my curiosity so generously -- and what a tantalizing tour. I adore all those witches, and your sewing room is heaven (unless witches don't belong in heaven? now i'm confusing myself). But I would be happy to live inside one of the drawers with your set-asides.

Mr. Kay Susan would sound extremely witty and companionable, television remote and all, but a terrible thought nags at me.

Has strong and idiosyncratic notions of modernist taste.... doesn't hesitate to impose that taste on others in his realm ... likes to work with his hands -- Kay Susan, you're not married to Prince Charles, are you?

kay susan said...

Oh my goodness,Prince Charles!!** I have a stitch and my sides hurt! I have to say, The Boss has very little in common with the heir to the throne. He's very direct and not at all metaphysical. He does sometimes appear to converse with inanimate objects but he's not encouraging them, he's cursing! (That bit of wood that got shorter after it was measured, that light that shouldn't be there on the dashboard.....)

Mind you... if I were married to Prince Charles I would be able to go water colour painting with him and I certainly wouldn't have to wonder where the next skein of Madeira was coming from!