Thursday, May 10, 2007


I've been tagged by Pat of Altering Thoughts to tell 7 things about myself I wouldn't normally reveal. I tend to keep my blog strictly to stitching and related subjects and veer away from personal details, but I have enjoyed reading these memes on other people's blogs. It IS nice to know a little bit about the person behind the work, so fair's fair....................................

1. I weigh nearly 14 stone. I know I need to lose some weight for the sake of my joints, my liver, my self esteem, but I cannot honestly say that I am fighting a battle with the scales.

2. The things I like most tend to be bad for me. I buy wine by the box. I go out in the sun. I LOVE my own cooking!

3. I hardly ever get bored, because I can always find something to do, although it's very rarely what I am supposed to be doing. I am very easily sidetracked!

4. I don't subscribe to the view that the human race is responsible for global warming. I follow the scientific evidence and believe it to be a natural occurance in a climate reliant on the sun. But, I DO think we should be less wasteful of our natural resources and stop polluting our planet.

5. I follow no religion. I don't care WHY I am here, I'm just glad that I am. I try to live a good life and be a decent person. I take responsibility for the consequences of my own actions.

6. I have been constantly embarassed by the Prime Minister of this country. He has today announced his resignation and I heard a commentator refer to him as the first 'celebrity Prime Minister'. I do hope there will not be any more! It is a serious job, right?

7. I can honestly say that I am happy. We keep hearing how although we are more prosperous today, own more property, have more material goods, we are not happy because it is never enough. Well, of course there are things I would like that I can't have, but I'm not going to get myself broken up over it. I have everything that I need, gained by my own efforts (and the Boss, of course!) and that should be enough to keep a person content.

Without trawling through all the blogs I read to check, I reckon everyone that I might tag has already answered, so I won't tag anyone else!


JoWynn Johns said...

I, too, am overweight, just since 2003. And I drink box wine, love to cook, and love to eat my own cooking. I'm NEVER bored. Just frustrated because there are so many things I want to be doing. Can honestly say I'm happy, too. As for Tony Blair, well, he's not George Bush! I enjoyed the spectacle of the Queen's visit last week, as seen on television.

Gunnels blog said...

Hi, fun to read about you!
I agree, I am newer bored. I think it´s so much fun to do! I always have my threads and fabrics to play with :-))