Monday, October 29, 2007

You're not my mummy!

I've been a bit busy. My grandson wanted a new halloween costume. The brief was 'some kind of a dead thing'!

I've made him a mummy costume from tea dyed tshirt, torn muslin strips and a cutdown pair of builders thermal leggings. Because he's a horrible little boy, I added a rat and some snakes!

His sister didn't need a new costume, so I made her a
vampire doll.


teodo said...

Wonderful this mummy costume!!!!!!!!
ciao ciao

Gina E. said...

Something dead...hahaha!! And he's a horrible little boy - LMAO! You should preserve this page on your blog to show on his 21st birthday!! (don't know if you do that kind of thing over there, but in Australia, people take a fiendish delight in dragging out the most embarrassing photos of kids to show their family and friends on their 21st!)

Conni said...

Way cool costume!

Susan said...

This is a fabulous costume. I know my Alex would wear it...if he could squeeze his six-foot tall, seventeen year old frame inside it! He complains every year that I won't make a costume for him. I don't think I'll show him this picture! The rat is particularly great. Like Gina E, I hope you got a photo of your grandson in this! It would be a grand image on his twenty-first birthday!
PS Thank you for you nice comment on my blog. I have very much enjoyed looking at your dolls. Your sense of humor and a great deal of happiness is present in each little face and every stitch. Your drawings, however, are incredible. How I envy such a talent.

sue said...

just been checking out your photos and would like to offer Doris a good home ( just joking) I never really got to grips with working in 3D when doing c&g.

Sara said...

have I told you I love this costume? my grand children would love it too. I must show them the photo!!
...and thank you for all your comments in my blog!