Thursday, March 06, 2008

Illustration Friday - Leap (TIF March)

Having trouble with this month's Take if Further challenge concept.

Did this quick sketch, prompted by this week's Illustration Friday theme, while mulling it over:

(click on photo for bigger image)

Titled "Leap into Spring"

March is the month for mad hares!

Needs more work on the hare in the foreground to bring it forward, which reminds me that the closer it is, the sharper the details you can see and the colour blue gives depth and makes backgrounds seem further away.


arlee said...

What a great bunbun-- so good i want to pet him! Beautifully done.

Jacqui said...

These are beautiful drawings, I thing you have your March challenge complete.

I must admit I am struggling with the concept of small details, not something I am very good with.

Padparadscha said...

Very nice, I love the eyes on the rabbit in the foreground !

Mary-Frances said...

Love this! they "hop" out at you (ok, I couldn't resist!)

Nellie's Needles said...

They're wonderful! That foreground one looks to be aggressive. Do you mean you could get him to be even more "in my face"? If I were the other other hare I'd be hopping away too.