Monday, August 03, 2009

Summer festival

This weekend was the Llammas Festival. I was sharing a marquee with some other Creative Co-op members. Well, we called it a marquee - it was jerry-built in the English allottment style from two pop-up gazebos and six spare sides. The sides didn't fit very well but we tied them on with string, clamps and clothes pegs.

Here we are setting up, with people already trying to buy although there was at least an hour to go until opening time - perhaps they thought it was a car boot sale!

Leave us alone, we're trying to get ready. Some-one tried to buy my shopping bag. It had my waterproof and a cardigan in it!

Finally we get it sorted out. Here's Rosie's earrings and Sharon's beaded jewellery.

People start to arrive:

Then come drummers and giants:

and Morris Men start to gather, ready for their displays:

The Darkside clothing emporium, with the proprietor in his every day attire

contrasts with a fairy and her friend collecting for the Lifeboat Institute, the very deserving beneficiary of this annual fest.

It's all going so well. But then the English weather does what it does best, it rains:

Our makeshift marquee just wasn't up to the job!

Ah well! tomorrow's another day......................

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