Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Pair of 'Goth' Frankenfish

I've been busy perfecting the technique for the felt fish. Here's my latest effort:

(click on photo for bigger image)

Two fish hanging on a machine wrapped cord. Each fish face is hand embroidered, note the inevitable trellis stitch around the mouth! One of the pair is further embellished with more embroidery, beads and sequins. Here are some closeups:

I'm really pleased with the 'gothic', 'horror', deep sea monster look of these!
I've put them in my Etsy Shop


Jackie said...

Those are brilliant. What a great idea.

Elizabeth said...

These are Fabulous!! Thinkof all fo the wonderful color combos you can do!!! JUst wonderful!!!

Victoria said...

These are fabulous!

beche-la-mer said...

Cute! Your creativity always inspires me!

Conni said...

Loving these!
Happy Christmas!!!