Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bags and bags of fun

Here it is, the incredible expanding bag!

(Click on photos for bigger image)

I have added a section of furnishing fabric to the bottom to give it more depth.
Now I want to blend it in with the rest. Of course, that means more stitching. To speed things up, I have done some free machining to add texture, before the handstitching. More bits of chiffon to add. I have a kind 'carpet bag' feel going here now. Odd how these things evolve! I want to be able to use the front pockets easily, so I think I am going to leave them unadorned, for contrast and to make a feature of some of the original denim.

'Thar she grows'
Here is the back, with the flowers filled in and some of the chiffon overlapped from the front, ready for hand stitching.

It looks a bit of a mess at the moment. I plan to 'box' the bottom after I have sewn up the seam, so that will take up quite a lot of the depth. Loads more to do, have to get a move on!!!


beche-la-mer said...

Kay, I think you have hit on a great solution. I boxed the bottom of my bag before I started embroidering, which helped to get the shape right but made the embroidery so much harder to do.

ria said...

Thank you for leaving the nice comment on my blog (regarding Illustration Friday's theme - cold). I have been devouring your blog and I love your creativity and your spontaneity and use of found objects. I will definately be returning to see what you come up with next.

I especially like your design folders, you and I are alike in that habit, I keep stashes of anything I find inspirational but I am not as disciplined as you seem to be to try so many variations on your themes. And I love your bugs!!! What a wonderful way to try out techniques on objects that are small enough not to be working on them for months. I am a big fan of insects and draw them often. I think this guy ( is my favourite, which is why I use him as an avatar.

Be back soon!

Virginia Valle said...

Ohhhh :) gorgerous blog :)