Sunday, February 19, 2006

Carry on landscaping!

This is a pair of panels (the fabric covering the mount is the same) experimenting with different stitches . The panel on the left uses variations of darning and that on right mostly variations on crewel stitches.

Close up of the darning panel. The ground fabric for the square piece is natural linen coloured with water colour dyes. The round piece is worked on polyester net curtaining.

Close up of the experimental crewel panel. The large square background is transfer dyed polyester. The two square pieces are worked on dyed natural linen using darker tones of colours taken from the backing piece.

(Click on pictures for larger image)


Allison said...

I always absolutely love seeing what you are up to. I think it is your great proficiency with the needle, the sense of shape and composition that you achieve with just your stiching..,and of course your own particular aesthetic: all are always an inspiration to me!

Conni said...

Me, too!