Sunday, July 30, 2006

Fossils and fabric

I've made two experimental samples based on a piece of the design work.

(Click on photos for bigger image)

The samples are based on the small piece centre left. It is wet tissue applied to a piece of plain white paper with dilute PVA glue and 'Brusho' water colour powder. The circles were made by rubbing over different sized holes cut in a piece of card with a yellow crayon and the red dots were made with a coloured pencil. If you were doing a City and Guilds course, this would be extravagently known as 'decorated paper'!

This sample is chiffon applied to green wool flannel with metallic machine embroidery thread and cut back. The yellow circles aer couched soft cotton, the purple centres are couched lurex thread and the red dots are sparkly glass beads.

This sample is free machine embroidery in metallic thread on green wool flannel, with couched gold purl, some hand seeding, a brass washer and glass beads.

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