Sunday, July 30, 2006


A while ago, I signed up to a Flickr Group, Embroidery and Science. Check it out, people have put some good stuff on there.

I've had some design work on fossils up on the wall for some time and joining the group has prompted me to do something with it. Here are a couple of pages from my sketch book. This is where the inspiration for the design work started.

(click on photos for bigger image)

This is the design work on my wall.


foox said...

nice work

Leanne Hurren said...

Lovely drawings and great design work to keep you inspired.

elizabethdee said...

I love the peek inside your sketchbook and, best of all, inside your studio. Thank you!

You know that expression about the camel, give it an inch and it takes a mile? Well, now I'll ask what I've been wondering. What do you do with the works you've embroidered or otherwise embellished? Do you mount those pieces on your walls, too? Your home must look like a palace!

Carla said...

Your work and creative eye is wonderful. I wondered if I might as you for your advice. I am planning a wedding with a honeycomb and bee patterned theme-very subtle prints and textures involved like cream candles with honeycomb prints on them. I am currently looking for some tissue paper with a honeycomb print on them-preferably cream colored with a gold print-have you come across anything like this or any other type of honeycomb patterned papers that struck your fancy? I would love to know of some resources if you have.