Sunday, September 17, 2006

Paisley panel - first section

I've finished the first section of the paisley panel, although I expect to revisit later to add some more embellishment. I made this section 6" x 4" because I have been working on pieces that size for the fibre postcard challenge 6x4 lives.

(click on photo for bigger image)

Next step is to take it out of the frame and mark up some more sections to make an overall design for the panel.

The boss just had two weeks off and when we dipped our toes in the sea here at Eastbourne we decided it was cold, so we've just spent a week in Majorca. Guess what this month's fibre postcard will be based on! May be a little late, because I have to get the house straight first and we're halfway through September already.

Here's the link for the fibre postcard challenge, anyone is invited to join at any time, take a look at what the group have produced already:

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sharonb said...

Kay this looks amazing as I think I said before I like the contrast between the pulled work and the embroidery