Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Paisley panel

I marked out another 6 x 4 paisley design on this piece of hand dyed natural linen, then I thought I'd draw a couple more and link them together somehow to make a panel, to save cutting my piece of cloth. Unfortunately, I couldn't photograph the piece of cloth before I started on it but here it is, a work in progress. I haven't designed it first, I thought I'd just let it grow and see what happens.

Here's the first paisley bit. I've used a mixture of crochet cotton (some of it painted) and stranded cotton. The paisleys are outlined in buttonhole stitch and there is couching, four sided stitch, padded satin stitch, spider web and french knots.

Here's a closeup:

(click on photos for bigger image)

Sharon B put up a post about designing small motifs on her blog:


This made me think 'outside the box' because Sharon's design cutting off the paisley motifs at the edges of the box has so much more energy. Her design, for a postcard, has lovely curling, flowing lines.

Progress on this piece will be slow, and my blog will be quiet for bit, because the boss is on holiday for a fortnight, WHOOPEE!


arlee said...

How big is the whole? Should be quite a "showing" when it's done!
(and you're always so danged neat!)

Conni said...

I am loving this already!

sharonb said...

Oh NO! I can feel another postcard coming on - I love seeing what you do and really like the use of pulled thread stitches against the crewel stitches.

Susan said...

It's gorgeous - way beyond my ability to create, but not beyond my ability to enjoy.

jackie said...

I like the texture in this and its nice to see some 'real' stitches. I am very into experimenting but sometimes traditional stitches can be satisfying.