Friday, February 22, 2008

TIF Feb - still thinking (sulking)

I went off and made some more Mer Baby bodies, and while I was doing that, I thought I would use a similar technique for a Jack Frost. This is what I did:

Front (click on photo for bigger image)

Back (click on photo for bigger image)

This is the same pattern as the Mer Baby, except it has a vertical line stitched for the legs. I was considering trying to add some pointed boots, but I like the baby all-in-one effect so I decided to leave it as it is.

I put a fine white cotton over a blue dish cloth and then used a selection of spiky preprogrammed machine stitches to 'quilt' the two layers together. The plan is to add some hand stitched 'frost' patterns over the top, and I think I will slash between the vertical patterns to show the blue underneath on the back section.

I'm still thinking (sulking) about the other body fabric I made..................

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