Saturday, November 08, 2008

Tarting up the TAST

When I read about Sharon's new challenge for next year, I decided it was time I did something with some of my old TAST pieces.

This was the sample for knotted cretan stitch:

(click on photo for bigger image)

I gave it a log cabin type border with some strips of calico (muslin) dyed with silk paints from the reject bin. Then I machine quilted it to a synthetic felted dishcloth and added a few rows of running stitch. Finally I buttonholed the edges to finish it off.

For lots of reasons, I didn't make a very good job of this year's challenge, but I'm really looking forward to the stitching challenge next year. So I'm taking a few of last years pieces a bit further!

1 comment:

teodo said...

I like the borders for their colours and the middle because it seems to me like an eye.

I like so much that little creatures you did in the previuos post!

ciao, ciao