Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rockin' Robin

It's Christmas, so I got seasonal and used Nellie's bird pattern to make a robin:

(Click on photo for bigger image)

He's made in brown faux suede with a velvet breast, felt beak and wired legs. Because it's Christmas he got a nice glittery look with some red bugle beads and a piece of holly in his beak. Here he is with some friends:

(Click on photo for bigger image)

This is what I told two little boys that visited my stall the other weekend while their parents were getting coffee and cakes.

"That lady in the pretty dress is the Holly Mother. She looks after all the Holly Elves and Holly Sprites. The Holly Elves are boys and the Holly Sprites are girls. They sleep all through the Spring and Summer, and they wake up when the apples begin to ripen and the berries and the rose hips start to turn red. They live in the holly bushes, where we cannot see them and they eat nuts and berries. The Holly Elves, being boys, hardly ever wash themselves or brush their hair, so they are always up and about first. The Sprites, being girls, take ages to get ready.

The Holly Elves and Sprites are at their busiest in December, when we are all getting ready for Christmas. They creep up to the windows at night to look at all the shiny decorations and the Christmas trees in our houses. Sometimes, if they can get into the house; through a crack, or perhaps a mousehole, they wait until everyone has gone to bed and then they go right up to the Christmas tree for a really good look. They cannot resist the sugar mice, the candy canes or the chocolate tree ornaments, they are so much nicer than wrinkled berries and nuts.

Sometimes they steal them, so perhaps we shouldn't always blame those naughty children!"


Nellie's Needles said...

It's joy to see you having so much fun with my bird pattern. Your story is delightful.

I'll mention this post as a PS on my blog where your other bird appears. This "rockin'robin" will be featured in the bird album as well.

kay susan said...

Thanks Nellie, I think your bird pattern is going to be around for a long time - there's lots of mileage in it yet!

Teodo said...

It's wonderful to see your bird with some friends.
ciao ciao

Tracey said...

Hi Kay - I just found your blog through Nellies Needles. I love your birdie and your Holly Lady! I took a quick look at your Etsy shop too - very nice. I wish you well with it.

Paula Hewitt said...

what a great story - and i like the bird and dolls too of course!

beche-la-mer said...

What a sweet robin, and a sweet story.

I was just reading an article about Christmas card designs that said that Australians don't like robins in our Christmas images but we love snow. Since we have neither here, it's hard to understand why one and not the other! I like robins, in any case.

Christmas for me is associated with glossy Christmas beetles, cicadas chirping and the hot sun beating down on the sparkling water. I think I need one of your mermaids as my Christmas decoration!

arlee said...

His feet! I love his feet!
The story is wonderful---bet the kids were enthralled :}