Friday, February 20, 2009

Stitch Explorer - Trellis Stitch

I'm taking part in Sharon B's Stitch Explorer Challenge. Find out all about it here.

This month it's Trellis Stitch. I've used this stitch before in stumpwork, needlelace and for the tops of tassels. I find it very difficult to keep an even tension, but I like the stitch because it has a nice rhythm to it. Here's what I used it for this time:

(Click on photos for bigger images)

I made these little dolls and I buttonholed around the faces, but I decided they needed some kind of headdress. I worked rows of trellis using the buttonhole stitch as a foundation. By working the first row towards the face, and the next couple of rows away from the face, the stitching naturally curled around itself away from the centre of the circle.


Art4Sol said...

These are the sweetest...A great idea!

Jackie said...

These are so cute. What a great use of stitch. And is my medication! I have the blood pressure of a 12 year old!

Cindy Bonnell said...

I loved the way you used the spiral trellis stitch. And the dolls are really nice, too.

Conni said...

Very clever use of this stitch! These little dolls are adorable!

Carolyn said...

They are so cute! I haven't even started on mine.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love these adorable babies. And how nice to see side by side the contrast between the two ways the stitching could be managed.

Best wishes,

Virginia Burnett said...

How wonderful and clever!! Your dolls are the sweetest.

I've been having trouble with tension on my trellis stitch, too, but It is totally new to me still. Yours looks great so I'll have to try a buttonhole stitch for the base.

Anonymous said...

these are really cute dolls, a change from the beaded variety.