Sunday, November 29, 2009

Something fishy going on around here..........

I wanted a change from making things with a 'seasonal flavour' and decided to go for something 'fishy' instead.

My friend Tarni saw some felted fish I made for City & Guilds years ago, and asked if I would make her some. I made hers in goldfish colours, red, yellow and orange - and while I was about it, I decided to try some more in different colours.

(Click on photo for bigger image)

They are wet felted first, then finished off with a hand felting needle. I have it in mind (once I have perfected my wet felting technique - these are quite rough) making some that are embroidered and embellished in my usual fashion!

Tarni called them 'singing fish' and says she is planning to put them on her Christmas Tree with little presents in their mouths. I'd have to go along with a family member who said they are more like 'Franken Fish!' Maybe, when I've made a heavily embroidered and embellished sample, I'll be able to call it a 'Faberge Fish'.


Emmy said...

you fish are beautiful

arlee said...

"FrankenFish"? !!!! Yes :}Friendly flashy Frankenfish!

Elizabeth said...

I think that your fish are wonderful and a faberge frankenfish will be fantastic!! Can't wait to see!! I am sure that you could sell these on your etsy site!! If or one would lovew to purchase one a s I grew up on Cape Cod on the sea!!!! Get feltingand stitching, no time to waste!!

Gina said...

I see so much promise in these! Looking forward to further creations. Makes me wish I felted!