Monday, May 16, 2005

Close-up of the embroidery.

The background is painted calico with bluebells suggested with straight stitch and french knots. The foreground is canvas worked with long and short stitch in knitting yarns overlaid with net. Horizontal threads were withdrawn from the canvas to make the needleweaving tree trunks. The leaves at the top are applied felt and the large bluebell leaves at the bottom are needleweaving. The tree trunks are embellished with beads and handstitching. The box closes with a tassel and a beaded ball.

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arlee said...

So nice to see such a clear photo *and* a beautiful application of needleweaving! I like this technique very much myself and have to keep reminding myself to use it more (i tend to get a little scattered there's so much i want to do...)

Beautiful box, and lovely to see other objects than "softies" for the month's theme :]