Thursday, May 12, 2005

Mummy Bear

Click on the picture for a larger image.

This bear was given to Jen by my Mum when she was born. She is 30 now, so when she passed it on to Maisie it was in a bad way. Jen had always called it Pink Ted, but Maisie renamed it Mummy Bear. It had one eye and the stuffing was coming out. Maisie asked me if I could mend it. I tried sewing up the holes, but in the end decided the only way was to reupholster it. I covered it in knitting, in exactly the same colours. The old bear is still underneath, complete with one glass eye. Then I got carried away and knitted it a dress and hat. This was quite a thing for me, as I am not a knitter. I used odds and ends of wool left over from knitting baby things when Maisie was tiny, so I think Mummy Bear is definitely a Recycled Softie, but clearly not a monster!

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