Thursday, May 26, 2005

More May Flowers

klimt postcard Posted by Hello

We were given Wall Hanging based on a Gustav Klimt painting as a City & Guilds assignment. I deliberately chose a landscape painting, as opposed to one of the more popular works like 'The Kiss'. Partly because I didn't want to use Klimt as inspiration, and partly because I'm a bit of a rebel! I liked the colours in this painting and the 3-D effect of the flowers in the foreground. Something about the painting reminded me of morning glory flowers seen recently on holiday.


ginger said...

I want to express just how exquisite I think your work is and thank you, for your suggestion about my in-progress quilt. I didn't know about chicken scratching but when I went to look at it and it seems just the thing for this piece. I will add as we travel this weekend and post photos on Monday. You will be credited when it wins the BIG award...ha ha thanks again and welcome to the ring! Ginger

Susie said...

Your work is wonderful! I see you are a fan of too! And Huntertwasser...who was inspired by Klimt.
All your work is fabulous. I love the witches face!