Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Daffy down dilly - Lesson 6

SharonB showed us how she makes a daffodil in Lesson 6 of the Joggles Personal Stitch Directory class. Here's my version:

(Click on photo for bigger image)

Worked in wool on natural linen. Petals are flat stitch, romanian stitch and vandyke stitch and the trumpet is detached buttonhole.

The Joggles Class finishes this week. I shall miss it. But in the New Year I will be taking part in SharonB's Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge. Sharon will be.............well let her tell you herself, have a look here:

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Anonymous said...

Kay Susan - great daffodil - I haven't tried doing one yet. I like the variety of stitches you have used for the petal. I'm also going to take part in the Take a Stitch Tuesday - it'll be fun to see what we end up doing next year. I think it will complement my C+G stuff very well and keep me motivated to work on it.