Thursday, January 24, 2008

TIF - Flying free

I had another look at the simplified bacteria sketches and designs. I simplified bacteria 2 even more:

There's not much of the original left at all now, but I like this simple shape. I tried it as a repeat pattern:

and then I 'graphically manipulated' it, and came up with this kind of flying insect, alien, angel motif:

I really like this one!


Ruth said...

LOL - I imagine that bacteria need angels too.

MargB said...

This is so interesting kay Susan
I look forward to seeing where you end up

arlee said...

They now look like little beans with their cotyledon leaves exploding up to the sun :}
Or bean angels! Maybe they're the guardians in the garden!

Sharkeysday said...

Hmm, how poetic...I was picturing tadpoles! :-) I love them tho and they'll be interesting if you put fabric and color to them! :-)

Neat direction!

LynnS said...

Oh aren't these lil guys great?!! This design takes me back to my biology classes where I fondly remember amoebas, euglenas, and other simple cells. I can't wait to see where your design takes you. No doubt those flagellates will help you along! ;-)

JoWynn Johns said...

I really like these shapes, too, because they say "Kay Susan" to me. They look so uniquely yours.

Beverly said...

I love the drawings, look forward to seeing where they take you. I've often thought about asking a pathologist friend for pics of his slides---