Tuesday, July 05, 2005

For all you apron fanatics

I've been working on my apron for July's 'Tie One On' - the theme is PINK LEMONADE. The boss says it is boring and I should find something more inspiring to do! I like it, so I shall carry on, but I've been racking my brains to try and come up with something revolutionary on the apron front. So far no success, but I did remember seeing something by Cindy Hickok. I trawled through the net and found the link, enjoy:


and here's another, its called 'Women's Wear:


and controversially, how about this, entitled Threadbare: Doesn't anyone sew anymore?


I couldn't find a bigger picture, but its so cool!


Mary said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with--the ideas look great!

Isabelle said...

They're all amazing! I can't wait either to see yours!

kay susan said...

Crikey Mary! I wasn't going to MAKE one of these, after all Cindy's done it already! But I am looking around for inspiration - because I reckon after the next six or so Tie One Ons I shall have enough aprons to last me a lifetime! I do like making the aprons, because I get to do a bit of 'fabricating' and make something useful at the same time.
Makes a nice change after years of making samples for City & Guilds.

Nickie said...

Kay Susan! Wonderful sites! I would love to be able to accomplish such a work of apron art! I'm waiting for my fabric for "Pink Lemonade" to come in the mail. Did you decide on a design/fabric yet? That June Bug is FABULOUS...do I see some bargello type embroidery on her back?

Congrats on getting the 2012 Summer Olympics...but such a tragedy this morning...what is going on in this crazy world! I mourn for these losses.

I wish you safe and peaceful days...

kay susan said...

Hi Nicky. Thank you for the kind thoughts, quite frankly I think the world has gone made but the boss says it hasn't really changed at all.

I do have a design for pink lemonade, but I am trying really hard to sit on it until the deadline! It isn't at all like the one I did for Home on the Range.