Monday, July 18, 2005

Oh no! UFOS!

I've just been digging in the UFO drawer, so while I was there I photographed some of the worst offenders and put them in the appropriate place, Smockery - the UFOs. I am ashamed of most of them!

(see sidebar).


Valeri said...

I'm getting confused Kay Susan. I can only find one of your blogs at a time! Help!

ginger said...

I went and looked at your UFOs and I am also confused!!! But my confusion is about why you are not happy with these...I love the texture and variety of these pieces and feel you might need different glasses ...or something...please give them another chance!!! pleading...they need a support group!! I'll be it...your ufo support group Ha Ha
no I really mean it these are beeter than you think...Ginger

Sonji Hunt said...

I agree with Ginger. Perhaps they need to stay on vacation a little while longer until you miss them more. This is coming from a woman who advocates cutting up everything in sight if you have even the slightest dissatisfaction with it.

Oh, the toothpick piece is very interesting. Perhaps beading over the them in order to make them look less like toothpicks. That may be the problem.

kay susan said...

Thanks Ginger.

Hi Sonji, cutting them up sounds good right now! Probably they will eventually get made up into 'something completely different' - that's what usually happens.