Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bags of Fun - Stage Two (the back)

Here's the latest progress on bags of fun. I haven't done as much as I would like, because I am finding it so HARD on the fingers to stitch on this denim, especially on the pockets. Two butterflies now, one in colour in seeding stitch, waiting for beads to be added and one outlined in stem stitch in black. I prefer the look of the black stem stitch butterfly, but I can't bear to unpick the coloured one. I may have to give it a black stem stitch outline and remove the detatched buttonhole background and replace it with running stitch in black to match the other pocket. I'll leave that until the end in case I don't have time!

The plan is to create as much texture as I can, and to cover as much denim as possible.

(Click on photos for bigger image)

Below, the black stem stitch butterfly.

And here, the coloured seeding stitch butterfly.

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isay said...

so lovely! i envy you being able to create bags! is it for you or you're selling your stuff?