Thursday, September 01, 2005

(MOS) Missed the deadline.......

I've missed the deadline for Month of Softies, August - Wild Wild West. But here's a picture of it anyway.
(Click on photo for bigger image)

This is the head for a hobby horse. It is for Joe (4), who shouts 'Giddyup, giddyup, YeeeHaw' and launches himself at his long suffering Grandad.

I had pantomime/cartoon in mind. I used fake suede and bits of felt for the head. The mane is a fringe knotted on a crochet base. The bridle is bias binding, decorated with machine stitching, fastened through curtain rings and stitched firmly under the mane. I haven't fastened it to its broomstick yet, the boss is very kindly going to figure out how to add a wheel to the end of a stick for me so that it goes easily along the floor (at least he is when I ask him!).

I modified a pattern for a unicorn stick horse I found in an old issue of Handmade (November/December 1995 page 24).

Of course, in the interests of equality, I now have to make one in the 'princess' style for his big sister!


ladylinoleum said...

What a wonderful horse! Love it.

isay said...

so huggable horse!

Barb said...

I love love love stick ponies! Great job.