Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Honeycomb Box

These images from my design files inspired a 'Honeycomb Box'.
The picture of needlelace comes from Threads magazine and is by V. Churchill-Bath. The red and white picture is from a car ad. It looks like a diamante necklace but is made up of small white cars!

The shot at the bottom left shows experiments using hexagons to make 3d shapes. The picture on the right is a mock-up using hexagons stitched together to make a bowl shape. There are four hexagons and one square for the base. I used two of these to make the Honeycomb Box, one bowl shape inverted over the other. This left gaps to look through. I also cut circles out of some of the hexagons. This box was one of my assessment pieces for City & Guilds Part II - a 3D Functional Object!

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