Thursday, August 11, 2005

Bags of Fun.....

Sharon over at In a Minute Ago issued the challenge: make a bag or other container from a pair of old jeans and embellish it. No rules, no start date, runs for three months. To join in, just leave a message on Sharon's blog. Check it out and have a go!

I've found this pair of old jeans. Not indigo, but I guess they qualify - so old there's barely any colour left, holes in the crotch - they were my favourite pair for years! As they fit me, they should make a fair sized bag!

roses (Click on photo for bigger image)Posted by Picasa

And for the embellishment, I found these easy punch bits in the UFO drawer and perhaps they will make a good starting point for a floral style bag. They are now in the THINKING tray!

We are now battening down the hatches here for Airbourne, Eastbourne's annual free four-day airshow. Its great fun, with planes, noise, fireworks and draws crowds from all over the place. It also draws Maisie and Joe! They are coming down today with their Mum for the duration and Richard will join us on Saturday, so its a full house. We have to childproof the place because they are so CURIOUS, so all my stuff has to be put away out of reach. No more work done here until next week!


sharonb said...

The roses will go just great on your bag how big are they?

beche-la-mer said...

The roses look great. I can't wait to see how you use them.

naturallynice said...

Hah! thanks for that, I have numerous pairs of jeans that might-fit-one-day-when-I-will-lose-those-extra-three-stones. Might as well do something useful with them.


isay said...

ohh that is really a good idea and thanks for that tip, i might as well do something with some of my old jeans.

the roses are perfect!