Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sea-side finds

This is a box made to illustrate the use of found objects.

Maisie likes to collect bits on the beach. This is made of some of the shells and pebbles she left behind after her last visit. There are also odds and ends of beads and seeds. The shells and stones are fixed using an assortment of earring fixings, curtain rings, washers and needleweaving.

The little scorpion-type insect (yes, I know it has only four legs!) is made from beads and wire and his legs are earring fixings.

In keeping with the spirit of the exercise, the box is a cardboard tube from a reel of crochet cotton and the top and bottom are circles saved from cutting mounts for samples. The background for the box top is a piece of dyed, felted woollen blanket. The rest of the box is covered in stretch faux suede.

Probably could have done without the beaded fringe, but to take it out now would leave marks.?

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