Thursday, August 18, 2005

Down my way......

Gina, at Patras Place, is putting pictures of where
she lives on her blog.
I thought that was a good idea.
Here are some pictures of where I live.
All taken in April.
(Click on photos for bigger image)

This is Eastboune from the South Downs.
In the distance you can see Bexhill and Hastings.
The dot climbing up the hill is me!

Another view from the downs.
You can see the pier and the beaches.

A view of the famous white cliffs.
The highest and best known is Beachy Head,
a well known suicide spot.

This is the Beachy Head lighthouse.
Built because the old one on top of the cliffs was
often shrouded in mist and could not be seen by
ships in the channel.

This is the original lighthouse, called Belle Toute.
A few years ago, this lighthouse was dangerously close
to the cliff edge and huge sums of money were spent
moving it further back.
Belle Toute was used in the filming of Fay Wheldon's
'Lifes and Loves of a She-Devil'.

Here is a view across the South Downs in the other direction.
The South Downs start at Eastbourne and finish in Winchester.
A distance of just over 100 miles.

All this is within 20 minutes walking distance of my house.
Along with shops, theatres, cinemas and restaurants. And a couple of miles down the road is the harbour and marina (if I feel energetic I can walk there around the coast).
It really is a very nice place to live.


Courtney Pippin-Mathur said...

wow. i am jealous, what a gorgeous place to live. :)

Val said...

Thanks for the memories! Used to have a great aunt who lived at Telscombe Cliffs and used to know all the South coast well at one time.

Linda said...

How wonderful. Thank You.

Conni said...

Thanks, Kay Susan! What a treat for this anglophile!

Gina E. said...

Whoa!! You're way ahead of me, Kay Susan!! I haven't even scanned my photos yet...hope nobody has gone over to Patra's Place looking for pics of my place! Love your photos. I have never been to England (or any part of Europe) and have difficulty in visualising all that space, when I know how many people live there! I read somewhere once that England is said to fit into Victoria three times over...we have about 4 million people in this state, compared to how many million over there?? Where do you put them all, and still have wide open spaces like that?

Unknown said...

Hello, I clicked over Chloe's blog. What a beautiful setting to live in! I'm green with envy here in sun baked Sacramento, California!

Unknown said...

I mean I clicked over FROM Chloe's blog. Sorry about that!

Gina E. said...

Hi Kay Susan, just to let you know I have finally got around to putting some photos on Patra's Place of where I live. I will have some more once I find them in the box of photos I haven't sorted out for the last 10 years!