Friday, March 09, 2007

Needlefelt challenge

I've been watching the Needlefelt Challenge with interest. (I haven't signed up, because I have a spam-related aversion to Yahoo Groups.)

Last week's challenge was Trapped, and I couldn't resist. This is what I made:

(Click on photo for bigger image)
I made butterfly motifs on the embroidery machine to cover the repair I did on a tear in my grandaughter's favourite party dress. I made some motifs on satin and some on net, but I only used the satin ones.
For the first sample, I put layers of chiffon onto a piece of dyed felted wool, sandwiching the butterfly motifs in the middle. I needlepunched from the front and back of the piece and then, to make the butterflies stand out more I needlepunched some wool roving on from the back. Finally, I 'quilted' with the programmed vermicelli stitch on my machine. It's quite nice, I've no idea what I shall do with it!
The pieces on the bottom row were made by sandwiching the butterfly motifs between two pieces of nylon organza. The first one was also placed on a piece of dyed felted wool. The second one had a piece of metallic fabric under the butterfly, and the third was just the butterfly/organza sandwich. I tidied up the edges and will probably sew these on something as patches, which, co-incidently, is this week's Needlefelt Challenge!
You can find the Needlefelt Challenge, along with details of the webring, here:
it's well worth investigating.


corina said...

Great work, I love espacially the first one. My daughter, she is 3, loves to be a "mariposa" (butterfly). Now you made me dream of a dress for her...

Conni said...

Beautiful, as always - and an inspiration!

NuvoFelt said...

Lovely work, thanks for joining in with the challenge. Don't forget, leaving a comment on the blog so that we can link back to you is just the same as joining the Yahoo group!