Tuesday, June 12, 2007

By popular demand! Wheatear sample (and a blog flog)

I put the crossed buttonhole/wheatear sample through the needlepunch machine again.
Then I added a few more stitches.

(click on photo for bigger image)

I was planning to cut this up to make a mini padfolio cover, but I've decided to keep it until I find something else I can use it on without losing too much becuase I like it now!


Elizabeth at
  • Quieter Moments

  • gave Smockery a mention. Thank you Elizabeth. If you like counted thread work, you'll love Quieter Moments, but I warn you, get yourself a drink or a cup of coffee and make sure you are sitting comfortably first, because you will be there for quite a while. Elizabeth is a mistress of stitch variations and her blog is thoughtfully arranged so that the 'TASTers' among us can go there and find exactly the stitch we want to review.

    What is TAST. It's the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge run by Sharon B on her blog
  • In a Minute Ago

  • Take a look at the
  • Take a Stitch Tuesday Flickr Group

  • you'll find a variety of stitch techniques and styles and some amazing pieces of art!

    and there is a Take a Stitch Tuesday webring, listing participants blogs. Click on the logo in the Sidebar on the right.

    MargaretR said...

    It's lovely Kay.

    Waltraud said...

    Your needlepunch piece is so beautiful!

    Nancilyn (Fiberdabbler) said...

    I knew you'd pull it off! :-)

    Guðrún said...

    The colors are just beautiful.

    judy coates perez said...

    thanks for posting on my blog, so i could find your blog. I just took a quick peek around your blog and was amazed, so much fun stuff to look at. I will have to come back when I have more time to poke around more in your archives. great stuff.

    I do love cicadas, they are just the coolest creatures I have never heard or seen so many before, it was amazing.

    Nicky said...

    This is fabulous. Love the colours and textures. It's so warm and vibrant. Well done!